Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Champs - Bernal Blye and Clyde Carl McReynolds


THE CHAMPS – The Colorado Springs Police Department and the city firemen have always tried to settle the dispute of which department is stronger.  

When wages are in question, both departments do their utmost to tell city council that their department is better, citing arrests, fire calls and all manner of other activities including raising funds for disabled children and the heart fund.  

In 1900 they decided to show the public which team was really strongest by choosing representatives and engaging in a classic tug of war.  After all the panting, straining and grunting by both sides they still remained at equal strength.  

Neither side bothered to record the outcome, but this accompanying photo has inscribed down in the left corner:  “Junior Order, Tug of War Team, Colorado State Champions, 1900.”  The team is composed of members of both the Police and Fire Departments.  

They are standing from left, B.B. McReynolds, George Sixt, Sherman McNew, William Ratke, and C.C. McReynolds.  Seated, at left, is Police Chief John Henry, and Harry Loesch. 

(Penrose Library Photo) by Stewart Commercial Photographers. 

Joseph Ellis McReynolds

Joseph Ellis McReynolds

50 Years on Pikes Peak - The CareTaker

Clyde C. McReynolds was caretaker for Pikes Peak for fifty years.  This article was published about his years there in the July, 1960 issue of Westways Magazine.  Clyde and his brothers, including Bernal, had love loved the quiet of the Peak.